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Rhino Delta Van Roof Bars & Van Roof Modular Racks

Rhino Delta Bars - Fuel Efficient Roof Bar Design.

  • Constructed from light yet strong high-tensile alloyed steel
  • Up to 60% less wind noise
  • TUV GS safety approved and 20g crash tested

The Delta Bars System combines the benefits of a modern aerodynamic profile shape to minimise wind noise and significantly reduce fuel consumption. The Delta Bar System retains the virtues of strength using light yet strong high-tensile alloyed steel. – The system offers superb strength and versatility for the transportation of loads, supported by an excellent array of optional extras.

Optional extras available include: Load stops, Rear Roller Systems and Rhino SafeStow Ladder Systems

Rhino KammBar - Innovative roof bar design, designed for quick & easy fitting

  • Lightweight yet extremely strong
  • Aids fuel efficiency
  • Aerodynamic shaped bar & load stops
    • Pre-assembled legs
    • Lockable leg cowls
    • Anodised aluminium

The KammBar® provides a great combination of strength and practicality. Manufactured from anodised aluminium and coated with an anti-corrosive finish that will prevent “rusting and weathering” KammBars® are not only about strength, fuel efficiency and aerodynamics, the bar systems have also been designed to save you time at fitting with pre-assembled legs and lockable leg cowls, delivered all in the one boxed package. KammBars® have been tested to TUV DS Certification and 20g Crash Tested and can be fitted with a selection of Rhino’s product accessories.

Rhino Modular Van Roof Racks

  • Prevents side-ways movement of your transported load
  • Fully welded, heavy duty system
  • Includes anti noise from aerfoil as standard
    • Full rear roller for easy loading
    • Modular design for easy fitting

Each Roof Rack is finished with a 2 part electroplate primer and powder coated paint process, enabling over 1000 hours salt spray corrosion protection with ultimate durability.

The Modular Rack is a fully welded, heavy duty system that allows quick and easy installation using bolted together modular sections. The rack includes a full width front aerofoil that significantly reduces overall wind noise and drag as well as a full width roller system that aids loading and unloading. All racks enable the transportation of 8′ x 4′ boards

Rhino Aluminium Van Roof Racks

  • A fully integrated full width stainless steel rear roller
  • Complete with a full width stainless steel roller
  • Quick and easy assembly
    • Composite connector pieces and end caps ensure a hard wearing and long life
    • Aerodynamic crosstubes reduce wind noise and drag

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Aluminium Rack is made from the combination of Aluminium and advanced polymer based composites, that means it’s built to be tough, and yet is still up to 25% lighter than a steel equivalent.

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