Van Pipe Tube and Conduit Carriers...

Autorack Aluminium Pipe Tube

  • Main body dimensions 180mm wide x 100mm high x 3030mm long
  • Able to carry up to 50kg of pipe
  • Fits bars widths up 60mm (bar depth 25mm to 40mm)
  • Integrated Key locking mechanism
  • Front cap designed to accept optional padlock of extra security
  • Available in Black or Silver finish
  • Crash Tested to 20g
  • Note: Front opening only for added security

Introducing the Autorack aluminium van pipe carrier. British made. Transport 3 metre lengths and available in silver or black painted finish. Crash tested to capacity 20g ECE Reg17. Integrated locking mechanism. Supplied with 2 keys. Universal T slot fixing. Supplied with universal brackets. Front end cap has been designed to allow optional padlock for extra security. Carries up to 50kg. Includes Free Delivery
Single End Opening Only

Part No. APC-BLACK £149.96 + vat FREE DELIVERY 3 Metre Tube Black BUY

Part No. APC-SILVER £124.96 + vat FREE DELIVERY 3 Metre Tube Silver

Autorack Pipe Caddy

  • Tough HDPE plastic tube 110mm diameter (5.5mm wall thickness)
  • Ideal for carrying white plastic conduit/capping.
  • ALL FITTINGS INCLUDED – Keyed alike padlocks.
  • Opens at both ends.
  • Will fit all roof bars up to 50mm wide and 40mm depth.
  • Available in three lengths for 2m, 2.4m, and 3m material.
  • IMPORTANT – Maximum overhang from any fixing bar: 1.metre.

Autorack PIPE CADDY - HDPE Plastic van pipe tube carrier. Ideal for electricians conduit and capping, plumbers plastic waste pipe e.t.c. Will not mark white plastics which can be damaged in an aluminium tube. Smartly designed Pre- zinc coated and painted fittings. Steel end-cap with smart plastic cover. Keyed- alike brass padlocks included.

IMPORTANT FITTING REQUIREMENTS: The maximum unsupported overhang from any fixing bar must not exceed 1-metre!!
** 3m version may not be suitable on small vans or cars if roof bar spacing does not allow for the above fitting requirements. If in doubt please call 01296 658607 for advice.

Part No. PC3M-BLK £83.21 + vat 3 Metre Tube BUY

Part No. PC24M-BLK £79.88 + vat 2.4 Metre Tube BUY

Part No. PC2M-BLK £77.38 + vat 2 Metre Tube BUY

Weight Limit Up to 50KG
Fits Bar Size 20-50mm High and 20-60mm Wide
Material Anodised Aluminium

Rhino Pipe Tube

  • 125mm wide x 125mm high x 3030mm long
  • Able to carry upto 50 x 15mm copper pipe weighing yp to 50kg
  • Fits bars 30-50mm High and 30-60mm wide
  • Double end opening.

The PipeTube incorporates strength, style and security to provide the best method of transporting copper pipe, conduit or similarly lengthy materials. Innovative design and high specification materials have ensured the PipeTube has passed a rigorous testing process. The PipeTube design enables the transportation of up to 50 x 15mm copper tubes or similar materials. Heavy duty locks at both ends. Includes Free Delivery

Part No. RP12-3M £112.46 + vat 3 Metre Tube BUY

Part No. RP10-2M £105.00 + vat 2 Metre Tube BUY

Weight Limit Up to 50KG
Fits Bar Size 20-50mm High and 20-60mm Wide
Material Anodised Aluminium